If you would be one of them… what would you expect from others? So do it please! You are the others…

Nepalese are surely the nicest and kindest on the world. Despite their poverty this population is generous, grateful and respectful. They would be very welcoming to you.

For several days, they have been living a modern-day tragedy. They registered more than 20 Earthquakes during these few days, up to a maximum of 8 on Richter scale. Without a roof, without money, without water, they lost everything. In certain parts of the country 95% of houses have been destroyed. Even those whose homes are still standing are forced to live outside just to be sure their house doesn’t fall on them. They are traumatised…

In some remote areas, the access is already difficult in normal situations… so I cannot imagine how the rescuers will reach those places.

We need your help. Please prove to us that Charlie did not die… You can send your donation to Gopal Bahadur Shah. He is a long time friend and you will get a guarantee your money will not fall into the pocket of a corrupted government which has plagued the country for years.

May love be with you.

Gopal Bahadur Shah

President of Heritage Conservation Nepal NGO
Thamel Kathmandu Nepal

Bank of Kathmandu LTD
Swift(bic): BOKLNPKA
No: 050100005338
44600 Kathmandu Nepal

Thanks a lot for your help

Stephane Masset

Country Advisor for Heritage Conservation Nepal NGO / regd: 485/061/06 // SWC No 18086