corporate strategy & marketing

The today’s typical company’s structure still reflects a traditional and conservative board. They lead X generation manages who lead Y employees… Each generation behaves using different mindset and behavioural codes. The resulting generational misunderstandings may isolate and create gaps between hierarchical levels and endanger the top down and bottom up communication… What is the best organisation and infrastructure allowing each individual to enhance his own efficiency? How to leave enough room to grow to employees while ensuring the reach of strategic objectives? How to integrate social responsibility in your management & leadership? Which is the most efficient (infra-) structure and organisation allowing sustainable wellbeing and ensuring a constructive and iterative management process?

How to understand X, Y and Z generations and their impact on marketing and corporate strategy? From hybrid consumption to cross-media communication, the merge of technologies basically impacts the company mindset, the processes and turnover. The today’s indubitable merging of goods and services combined with information overload dramatically increased the complexity of organisations. In other words the traditional marketing and strategist instruments (4 P: Place, Promotion, Product and Price) cannot as such last any longer without the creation of a dialog with (internal and external) customers. This dialog is achieved through a strategic usage and exploitation of database management. Moreover the aging society in Europe and America (for example) leads firms to find a succession… to ensure the sustainability of tomorrow’s (macro) economy.

I built a strength in marketing through my MBA in St. Gall and 15 years experience at ismat, Nestlé, Swiss Post and British American Tobacco in Switzerland or L’Oréal in Paris.

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