wellbeing at work & absence management

Wellbeing at work is correlated with friendly workspace, working climate (and organisation) and low absence rates. Moreover when absence rate increases, it affects the workspace. Consequently the whole systemic of the organisation is endangered by the fact that absences of the ones lead to absences of the others. There is no way to stop this vicious cycle by remaining passive and not managing it (our motto is: you cannot unmanage!). To reduce it properly and solve it without collateral effects (ex. presenteeism), we help you to implement a tailor made program and to master this phenomenon. This program comprises absence management and prevention. This succeeds only when it is followed with a strong vertical and horizontal integration.

I built a strength in absence management through my 7 years experience at ismat in Switzerland. As experts in this field we were confronted to implement complex absence management program in diversified structures in private and public sectors.

bemanagement selected the most appropriate partners to help meet your expectations because your challenge is ours! bemanagement can accompany you to implement totally or partially a wellbeing & absence management program.